Isaac Gregson

Front-end Developer

(704) 516-5751


  • Communicating clearly and proactively
  • Implementing best practices
  • Learning and adopting new technologies (quickly)
  • Working independently and as part of a team
  • Choosing the right tool/approach for the job


  • CSS & pre-processors (Stylus and Sass)
  • HTML & pre-processors (Jade, Twig, Liquid, HAML, Ace, and others)
  • Javascript (with or without jQuery, Browserify as preferred bundler)
  • Development workflows and build setups (via gulp/npm)
  • SVG (icon systems)
  • Git (proficient)
  • Vue.js (proficient)
  • Integrating designs into best-of-class modern sites (using WordPress, Ghost, Hugo, Jekyll, Harp, Statamic, Kirby, Craft, and others)
  • Meteor, React, and Rails (experienced, semi-proficient)
  • PHP, SQL, and Elm (experienced, semi-proficient)
  • Linux server administration (experienced, semi-proficient)


Be Heard!(03/2016 - Current)

An application/platform engineered for podcasters. Ships as both a WordPress plugin and an a css/js bundle (for integration with any stack). Built in Elm. (Note: Currently re-architecting this into a hosted application built with vue.js on the front-end and using firebase on the back-end)

Wesfed(11/2015 - 2016)

Lead front-end developer. Helped the company establish their CSS architecture. Primary role consisted of integrating designs and front-end features into new and existing sites running on Rails, Statamic, Kirby, and Craft.

Pixel & Kraft(02/2014 - Current)

A theme business run in collaboration with my wife (designer) and I (developer). Through crafting premium themes for Ghost and WordPress I've become intimately familiar and productive with both platforms.

The Codestead(03/2015 - Current)

Creator and author of this developer-focused blog/resource site.


A side-project for learning the React.js library. Harnesses Trello's API to create resumes from Trello boards. Parses a json response into a PDF for print/download.

Niche Booklets(08/2013 - 2015)

An entrepreneurial experiment where I wore many hats: author, publisher, marketer, & web developer. Notably, created a tool for escaping html here.

B Branded(Spring 2013)

Worked as lead developer for the "Create Wilmington" project's website ( Implemented the agency's design into a customized WordPress theme and led a training session with the city staff who maintain the site.

Prime Vendor Inc.(Spring 2013)

Worked as an in-house developer integrating designs for their marketing site and several other projects.


Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC
Bachelor of Arts, 2005 - 2009